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If a comedian tells a joke and nobody laughs, is it actually a joke?

Doing stand-up comedy is both the most rewarding and most difficult writing challenge I have undertaken. Having to constantly come up with material that you spend days trying get just the right amount of words, in just the right order, all while not knowing if anyone will laugh till you get up to a microphone and say it to a crowded bar at an open mic.

There’s no feeling greater than telling a joke for the first time and hearing a laugh. And nothing gets my heart pumping then a joke falling completely flat and realizing that joke needs to be reworked. Comedy is the modern era philosophy. Giving people insights into serious issues like gun control or farts, to less serious issues like gun control or farts. Comedy is the great equalizer.

I have been writing and performing stand-up comedy for over 8 years. I’ve performed in New York, L.A., and all across the Midwest. I also run open mics in Cincinnati where tenured comics as well as newbies can try out their material.



Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Each month our sketch comedy show would choose a new topic from a myriad of subjects. We would then write and produce an entire show roughly based on that topic. The length of each show would range from 45 minutes to 90 minutes. The idea was to be something of a cross between 90’s era Late Night with Conan O’Brien and TED Talks meet The Onion.

Writing for Future Science can best be described as 5 guys sitting around a table arguing wether it’s funnier to have a guy fall down a flight of stairs and then fart, or to have a guy fart at the top of the stairs and then fall down. (As well as debating everything that could occur between.)

Having a new topic every month was great, it was like getting a jumping off point and not knowing where you were going to land. It allowed the creative juices to flow and the absurdity to flourish.

Writing in a group, pitching ideas, and riffing on others ideas is hands down my favorite way to create. As a group we have written over 300 sketches, including videos, live sketches, interactive multimedia sketches, interviews and mock PowerPoints.