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Building Something From Something

The sketch show I co-founded was always evolving and trying to make itself funnier, more professional and altogether better. However one part of the show was always hands down the best part. That part was the shows posters. Each month we do a different topic so I would commission the talents of the amazing illustrator, David Wilson. At the beginning of the 4th season of our sketch show I decided to go all out and utilize David’s amazing artwork and animate an intro based on his posters.

So the idea was simple, take David’s still drawings and bring them to life. Like most “simple” ideas, it turns out this one would take a bit more creativity and skill than I thought when I first sat down to bring it to life. I began by using Adobe Photoshop to remove any elements I wanted to move.

After that massive effort, I brought all the elements into Adobe AfterEffects and began animating the images piece by piece. Utilizing the powerful features of AfterEffects, such as the Puppet Tool, motion tweens, and countless other random effects, I was able to finally start to bring these still posters to life.

After all the individual pieces were assembled from AfterEffects, I brought everything into Apple’s FinalCut and edited the whole beast together, adding soundtrack, titles, and motions.

After all was said and done I thought the new intro came out pretty damn nice.



Everyone Loves Social Media

During the spring of 2020 a pandemic was sweeping the nation. Something everyone was so aware of, I don’t even know why I’m taking this much time to introduce it. I speak of course of the Instagram “Which Character are You?” filters. Seeing this trend explode I like many others tried to capitalize on it.

Our sketch comedy show “Future Science” was about to have it’s 6 year reunion show so I decided to create an Instagram ad for the show parodying this popular trend. Having a huge variety of zany characters to choose from I began putting together different options to choose from.

After Adobe Photoshopping dozens of photos I had all of my elements ready. I took everything into Final Cut and put the whole thing together with motion tracking.

The joke here of course is that I play several characters on the show, but in fact the “randomizer” lands on a completely different actor.

The other joke is that after we posted this video a friend pointed out the fact that you can easily just download an app to make these “Which Character are You?” filters for free and they will put everything together for you. It’s fine, I don’t mind putting in the work.