Dr. Andy Gasper
*Extensive meaning if we Google’d it and didn’t find an answer within 2 minutes we just moved on.
Andy Gasper isn’t actually a doctor. However he does play one on stage each month at "Future Science!”a sketch comedy show. Each month we pick a topic and present different sketches, Keynote presentations and videos based on our “research.” Our research tactics include: - Extensive* research on ground breaking technologies - Drinking beer - Fact checking Encyclopædia Britannica ’97  - Watching episodes of the sitcom Cheers - Making up facts - and many others! Each final Sunday of the month you can come see the show at MOTR Pub in Cincinnati. And of course follow _futurescience_ on all forms of social media:
Andy Gasper is many things. Friend, family member, comedian, filmmaker, creator, consumer,  literate, over 6’ tall and a doctor.* Originally from Kent, Ohio he now finds himself in the far off reaches of Cincinnati, Ohio, where he is pursing both his video production and comedy dreams. Realizing the redundancy of an information page on a website that is dedicated to information about Andy, he has no choice but to fill in as much non-sense as he can in order to maintain frame balance and achieve a sleek design look. These things are import, which is why he chose an Avenir font with a slight kerning, just enough that it isn’t distracting, but instead distinctive.  You can find Andy on social media as well.
*Seriously though, Andy is not a doctor. Do not accept medical advice from Dr. Gasper
Information about Andy
Video Production
Even before he earned his Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of Cincinnati, Andy was an always interested in telling stories. During his time at UC he shot the [Student] Emmy® Award winning film, “Today”  Andy has worn many hats on various size sets. From Writer/Director to Production Assistant and many spots in between. His expierence on set always comes in handy.  Most recently his video and story telling skills have helped him produce the sketch comedy show Future Science. You can check out some of the videos here.
Andy has been attempting comedy for a few years now. Whether or not he is a comedian is subject to the viewer I suppose. He has performed at the "Cincy Brew Haha" and at dive bars and open mics across this great nation. Not going to lie here, he’s pretty fun and still working on his craft. He also co-host the show "MOTR Mouth," a monthly showcase for up and coming comics. Comedy is the modern day philosopher.  From serious issues, like abortion or fart jokes to less serious issues like abortion or fart jokes, comedy is the great commentator.